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Hematology is a stream of medicine which deals with investigation, diagnosis, remedy and safeguard from disorders related to our blood and lymphatic system. The science of hematology focuses on adverse irregularities in blood cells, blood proteins, blood platelets, blood vessels and in hemoglobin count. It also investigates functioning of blood producing source organs like the bone marrow and the spleen. Common disorders that call for a consultation with hematologists are as follows.

Hematology Medical Treatment

Common disorders that call for a consultation with hematologists are as follows.


This is a condition of blood disorder where the system runs with a deficiency on healthy red blood cells. RBC carries oxygen, so lesser count of them means a truncated volume of oxygen and food reaching body cells. Anemia may be caused by dysfunctional RBCs as well.  Cure can be both invasive and non invasive. In cases of non invasive methods, medication with iron supplements can be prescribed. Vitamin B can give good results. For heavy blood loss, invasive surgical procedure like blood transfusion could be the remedy.


This is commonly known as blood cancer where body lymphatic system grows malignant tissues. These cancerous tissues curb the capacity of the body to combat infection. It can affect your bone marrow too. Types of leukemia are:

  • Acute lymphoblastic leukemia
  • Acute myeloid leukemia
  • Chronic lymphotic leukemia

If the leukemia is spreading at a gradual speed, treatment needs continuous monitoring of the patient. In case of leukemia spreading rapidly in blood, chemotherapy is given. Sometimes chemo is further combined with radiation therapy and stem cell transplant.


This is a disorder in which blood fails to clot the normal way it should. Any bruise or injury will result in heavy bleeding. The treatment can be of two types:

Preventive treatment: Injections with a clotting factor are pushed in to treat short episodes of bleeding including muscle damage.

On demand treatment: Injections are given for cases with prolonged history of bleeding.


This is a unique type of bone marrow cancer that plays havoc with the body’s ability to produce blood cells under normal and healthy conditions. The bone marrow is damaged heavily so as to lead to severe anemic conditions. Patient experiences extreme fatigue and weakness. Since spleen is a source of blood production, an enlarged spleen may hinder production. For treatment, targeted drug therapy is applied. Ruxolitinib that focuses on the gene mutation and which is often the case with myelofibrsis, is employed to mitigate symptoms of an enlarged spleen.

Indian hematology clinics have adequate talent servicing this field. Medical facilities are the latest to carry out tests and treatments which are complex. Tests, services and treatments include:

  • Analysis of blood samples
  • Prescribing immunosuppressive drugs
  • Supervision of blood banks
  • Determination of exact reasons of blood disorders.
  • Addition or removal of blood components
  • Blood transfusion and bone marrow transplant
Hematology Medical Treatment