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This is a branch of medicine that handles disorders connected with our nervous system. The central and peripheral nervous system gets damaged by neurological diseases.

Backed by the knowledge of neuroscience, neurology deals with the entire gamut of muscles, blood vessels and tissues connected with our bundle of nerves ramified throughout our body. In Indian clinics, neurological cases are treated with world class expertise.

The patients are offered personalized and specialized healthcare packages to deal with a number of neurological disorders like stroke, head and spinal injuries, brain tumors,ovement issues, seizure disorders, headaches, etc.

Neurology treatments at our partner hospitals

Brain and Spine Surgery

These are hi-precision surgeries done to treat various disorders of brain and spinal cord including removal of brain tumors. Armed with state of the art techniques of radio neurological services, neuro intensive care facilities, medical and radiation oncology services, Indian neurological clinics have earned substantial global reputation.

Surgery of Spinal Cord Tumors

A tumor on the spinal cord can put a stress on the nerves. This may be intensely painful besides giving rise to neurological disorders and even paralysis. For treatment, surgery is done employing high powered microscope and the intradural tumors are removed. In total spondylectomy, the entire vertebrae are removed.

Micro Neurosurgery

This type of surgery is carried out aided by an operating microscope and specific micro instruments. Precision surgical devices are employed to treat brain disorders, diseases affecting the spine and spinal cord. The microscope helps magnify the surgery area to ensure delicate operation. This is important to ensure no or minimal damage to brain or portion of spinal cord in the vicinity of abnormal area. As a consequence, the patient recovery is quick with minimum side effects. This reduces stay in clinic and the associated costs.

Surgery for Stroke and related Precautions

Our partner hospitals have earned immense reputation in dealing with cerebral infarcts which is commonly known as brain stroke. As a part of stroke prevention package, carotid endarterectomy surgery is done. Operations widen narrowed down vessels carrying blood and nutrients to the central nervous system. Diagnosis ranges from neurological tests, brain imaging tests, blood tests for clotting, electro and echocardiogram. Apart from surgery medication is also recommended by giving blood thinner drugs to the patient.

Surgery for Acute Head and Spinal Injuries

These neurological disorders are typical polytraumatic cases in India. Speciality clinics take care of the ailment covering diagnosis, treatment and recovery. Treatment includes surgery and reconstruction and done in cases of skull fracture, linear, depressed and basillar skull fractures, minor, blunt and severe head injuries and traumatic conditions.

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