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SpringMedo, in a short span of time, has established itself as one of the leading medical tourism facilitators in India. We are less than a year old company but have an enthusiastic team of senior professionals from different backgrounds who have come together to promote India as a preferred healthcare destination. Alongside, our other focus areas are a) In-country medical camps in foreign countries, and b) Medical trainings for paramedic staff (view the homepage)

In last 10-12 months we have worked very closely with our partner hospitals in India and partners in Asia and Africa to mobilize more than 100 patients for treatment in India. Apart from medical tourism we also conducted an orthopedics surgery camp in Africa which was well received by the local population. However, going forward we intend to scale up our operations by adding more partner hospital to our network to service a large number of patients who are expected to travel to India for treatment. We also expect a huge demand for in-country health camps, especially in Africa, for which we will require new partners. It will be a huge pleasure to work with you as a value-adding partner for a long term.

Thank you for visiting this web page but before you fill in the form if you have any query then please write to us on or call us on +91-7982705217 or +1 (315) 557-0072.

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Team SpringMedo