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SpringMedo, in a short span of time, has established itself as one of the leading medical tourism facilitators. We are presently looking forward to expand our operations in E. Africa, W. Africa, and Bangladesh for which we need long-term partnerships with reputed partners in those regions. If you are interested then please fill up the form so that we can connect with you.

Thank you for visiting this web page but before you fill in the form if you have any query then please write to us on support@springmedo.com or call us on +91-7982705217 or +1 (315) 557-0072.

Note: we charge a fixed fee of USD 20 for every registration with us. This is used to cover the cost of website update and digital marketing for first 2 weeks. Please use the PayPal link given below to register as our partner. Look forward to having you onboard with us as a valuable partner for a very long term.

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